Dove Release Ceremony

There are many relatively new traditions creeping into modern weddings and a wedding dove release is one of them. Doves have long been a wedding motif as they symbolise love, peace, and happiness, so it makes sense to include them in your wedding plans.

Releasing wedding doves at your ceremony is a romantic and symbolic gesture as doves symbolise love, peace, happiness, and prosperity. You and partner could set free a bridal pair; two doves that circle above you and then fly away, symbolising the start of your life together.

Your family, bridesmaids, and ushers are also able to release a flock of doves, usually one each, to join the bridal pair. This symbolises their support of your marriage. To commemorate an absent friend who is present in spirit but not physically you can release another single dove to join the bridal pair.

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Wedding Ceremony Celebrant - Dove Release Ceremony