Liquid Blending Ceremony

This ceremony can be performed with any number of liquids from coloured water to beer or wine, basically, any liquid can work!

A liquid blending ceremony signifies the joining of two people, uniting as one. You can use food colouring to show a blended colour. e.g. pink and blue to make purple. You can also do this using wine or other alcohol.

A beer or wine blending ceremony is when you and your partner each have a glass of wine (or each have a glass of beer — your decision!) and you pour your two glasses into one empty glass, signifying your union. Then, each of you takes turns drinking from the “unity cup.”

The beer or wine you choose can be your favourite type or a kind that has special significance to you, such as the brand you had on your first date together.

This type of ceremony can also be transformed into a non-alcoholic version, using juice, ginger beer, or any other type of drink you love.

Some couples prefer to do this with whiskey or other spirits, and some have a “shot” ceremony in which they make and take a shot together.

There are many ways that this type of ceremony can be adjusted to your unique style and flavour.

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Wedding Ceremony Celebrant - Liquid Blending Ceremony