Lolly Jar Ceremony

This ceremony can be great to get children involved within the ceremony, for example where there is a blending of 2 family with children. A lolly jar symbolises different members of the family coming together while also bringing their own flavour to the mix. Each person can choose a different lolly to mix in.

In a fun take on the unity sand ritual, small jars, labelled with each family member’s name, holds their favourite lolly, candy, sweet (or whatever you want to call them).

This recognises how every family member has their own likes, talents, wishes and hopes and their chosen lolly represents those gifts and differences.

A larger family unity lolly jar is labelled with either the last name that the family will be taking, or simply the word “family” or “us”.

As each family member is asked in turn to come to the front of the ceremony space or altar to pour their favourite lolly into the family lolly jar.

The act of layering the candy is also a metaphor for how the individual members of the blended family bring their own unique flavour and strength to the group.

When the family member is asked to come forward to combine their lolly into the ‘us’ or ‘family’ jar it’s symbolic of the compromises that need to be made, but also how life is all the more sweet and exciting when families come together and share what they have with each other.

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Wedding Ceremony Celebrant - Lolly Jar Ceremony