Unity Puzzle Ceremony

A unity puzzle ceremony symbolises the different pieces coming together as one. This is a great way to have children involved in the ceremony.

A wedding day will typically display the commitment and love between two people. But in many cases not only does this day unite the bride and groom but also brings a family full circle. The unity puzzle has many meanings. If you notice it is in a complete circle. The circle is never ending. It does not stop, and it shows their unconditional love surrounded by each other. A circle cannot be broken as this family is truly devoted to keep each other within their circle.

This puzzle contains different sizes and shapes, much like each family member has separate characteristics. But put the puzzle pieces together and it becomes and beautiful circle that fits perfectly. Yes, the ceremony day is about the bride and groom but also about the bond and love of this family as a whole. As each person places their puzzle piece, they display their commitment to stay together always and seal that promise with the infinity symbol.

This ritual symbolizes how separate lives, separate families, and separate friends are joined together. The unity puzzle represents a combination of the separate pieces which no longer exist, but which have been joined together as one. Just as these puzzle pieces can never be separated and broken into individual pieces, again so will your family be.

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Wedding Ceremony Celebrant - Unity Puzzle Ceremony